Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man is Injured in Santa Ana Shooting

Comment by OCCARTS: Sounds like the Santa Ana welcoming committee is out in full force. They should hand out shirts. "I got popped in Santa Ana."


: Culture and community have evolved into the present environment and there is nothing we can do about it short of creating civil war. Those of you whom wish to live in Mayberry USA will have to move out and live somewhere in the bushes until the tide of humanity once again finds and displaces you again. Other industrial cultures are experiencing the same influx of outside cultures and have the same gripe as you. If you think your vote, laws, or police presence is going to save the day--you're very naive. My advise is learn how to adapt and survive in this brave new world.

Comment by OCAVATAR: THose who benefit from Santa Ana's "sanctuary city" status are illegal gangsters. The Mexican cartels are recruiting in Santa Ana and freely travel to and from the city. Who benefits? The politicians who provide sanctuary for illegals.

Comment by GOOFBALL42: Why would anyone be in Santa Ana at 10:00 PM? Come to think of it, why would anyone ever be in Santa Ana! (Unless you are 1) arrested, 2) On Jury Duty, 3) A Criminal of some kind)

Comment by FREELOADERS: Can't you see the similarities of the mindset of the people who live in Santa Ana? It's exactly how they are in Mexico, they're heads are up their you know what. They are used to this stuff happening in their country so it's just another day in the life...

Comment by KICKTOTHETEETH: The REALITY is that Santa Ana is a 3rd world dump and it is thanks largely in part to those wonderful people that are just here for that better life, supposedly.


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