Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by ANGELS09: It was a hot day so he got nude! Can u say he was hoping for a nice young senorita! Oooh yea! Dump Sanchez!

Comment by WEONES: That was not a mustache, it was a dirty sanchez

Comment by MCJONES: Maybe it was his wife's Sancho...

Comment by SANITYNOW

: hispanic, 5'9, shaved head, tattos on neck and khaki pants (when he put them on) never heard this description of a criminal before.

Comment by ROSS2010: Check out the story about the 3 hispanics involved with an abduction of a 15 yr old girl down in Encinitas...on of them was bald and had a tattoo on his neck!

Comment by BB1970: Deport all naked people!

Comment by SPACECAT: A nude Hispanic hiding under a bed?? Sounds like Lou Dobbs' worst nighmare!

Comment by OBAMAFUSCATION: He was the Frito Bandito


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