Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SCHULTZIE: I know all races abuse animals but the mexicans are the worse between the dog fights, chicken fights, letting their dogs have lots of puppies so they can sell them at the flea markets and outside of Wal-Mart, not giving them their shots, etc. They also have a rodeo called Coleadero where Colorado tried to stop this rodeo from taking place. Last month two bulls died and 11 others were hurt. One bull ended up with a broken pelvis. This rodeo is where men on horsesback using their hands and fee to grab grown bulls by the tail in an effort to bring the animal to the ground. This is why the mexicans need to go back to mexico.

Comment by ETHICS

: I live in the Central Valley, it is a toss up between the "Mexicans" and the Okies. As for the Rodeo, i guess you then think it is ok for a grown man to brag a steer by it;s neck and twist it till it goes down-like here in the US? Cruelty is cruelty and plenty of it is done by anglo saxons!

Comment by SCHULTZIE: I don't like any rodeos but these Coleadero rodeos seem to be the most abusive and it is the kind of rodeos they hold in mexico and the mexicans are bringing this kind of rodeo to America but it should stay in mexico with the mexicans.

Comment by 3RINGCIRCUS: What lovely neighbors we have. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age there actually exist savages who pit dog against dog...or rooster against rooster for that matter. How barbaric!

Comment by NAPTOWN: Doing jobs Americans refuse to do.


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