Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day



First Mr. Gay Orange County Crowned

Comment by TAKEITNOMORE: Keep pushing your Gay agenda, All you do is Pi$$ NORMAL people OFF. That's Right I said NORMAL.! No I'm not a "homophobe" I don't FEAR you, I just think your perverted!

Comment by DREWSKI: I am assuming they are not Tea Party members and must be thrilled to have Obamacare. Oh one other note some of the pictures shown here were a bit racy and if were done under another cause would be condoned as immoral, sexist, and basically out of touch with the social norm. I am not a Tea Party member but find these pictures sick and revolting...


: The City Club, well that's one restaurant I can cross off my list. How about the rest of you? Let them know how you feel and boycott the place.

Comment  by JACKGORFIN: what's next, Mr. Pervert Orange County, man, what is this world coming to.....oh, forgot, we are supposed to be pc now if we are enlightened right? this is sick

Comment by COREYCHAMBERS: Hate is a sickness that can be overcome.

Comment by BUILDERGUY20: corey, being gay/lesbian is the sickness. You need to face the facts that being gay is a choice....period. 

Comment by WOMANN: Any man who likes to suck on another man's genitals and likes to receive another man's genitals in his anal cavity, is one perverted sick homosexual. Stop drinking milk there is way too much hormons in there turning you all into a bunch of sissy. gross.


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