Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by VOXREX: Now that the photos are posted the "child" appears to be a teenager (aka young adult). Looks like some brotha has some explaining to do.

Comment by JBUD1980: pi*p pushed her out because she was low-ballin' him?

Comment GRUNT41: "I want my money!!!"

"I don't have your money! It was a slow night."

"Then get out, b****!!"


Comment by SSHOE: Most interesting thing in this article - apparently there are black people in OC.

Comment by OCMAMA714

: A picture is worth a thousand words and after looking at these photographs this is not a "Girl" this is a young woman and the man who was driving teh car looks like a criminal and not to happy having his picture taken.

Comment by ASSEYES: OMG the baby's name is Deisel.

Comment by MIKEYY: The 49ers have made a tentative offer.


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