Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by LIBERALSSUCK: If your going to tell a contributing business in your "fair" city that they cant stand in public then you should also come down to El Toro and Jeronimo and visit the liquor store for a quick snack and maybe while you are there youc ould tell the 10-15 illegal aliens, oh I'm sorry, "undocumented workers" that are standing out there every day that they also aren't consistent with the "contemporary look and feel" of Lake Forest. Or maybe you could do this for the residents of your city taht don't live in ivory towers atop high peaks, insulated from the goings on in the less expensive part of town that has to deal with this annoyance daily. Not to mention the local businesses around the corner such as U-Haul and Ganahl Lumber that also attract many illegal's daily. Or the apartment complexes that have been overtaken by these people that now look like a little slice of Tijuana, Santa Ana, and L.A. all rolled into one. 

Comment by GOKINGSGO41

: Election time, bad economy, high unemployment...time for the white man to blame illegal immigration for all of its problems. Boycott Costa Mesa, don't buy a car on Harbor, do your grocery shopping in HB, and so on. Allan Mansoor is destroying Costa Mesa and is seeing a major drop in local sales tax revenue with loss of population and with the boycott. Illegal immigration is at all time lows, 1970s levels....look it up. 

Comment by LAGUNA47: If only this would come about, but seriously, just take a trip to westside Costa Mesa on 19th street from about Pomona to Whittier Avenues, you have no idea you are not in Mexico. There are tons of falling down apartments being rented to the illegals by slumlords that are getting most of their rent in cash, never have to pay for upkeep and never get calls in the middle of the night about the heat being off. There are usually three or more families living in a one bedroom unit and the landlords are getting plenty of rent....

Comment by ALTEREGO58: LAGUNA, We are in great shape. The area of town you are writing about is a half mile from the beach. It is the last bastion of near-beach affordable real esate in SoCal. It will be cleaned up and redeveloped when the economy rebounds. Buy some property there now while you can. I work two days a week in Santa Ana. Go there if you really want to see Mexico. Forget the border, other OC cities should put a wall around Santa Ana proper.

Comment by ENOUGHIGNORANCE: So where am I going to get a 100% hand wash?


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