Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by LOVETTCULTURE: Lie, Cheat and murder. What a wonderful culture

Comment KBERTO: The headline...santa ana...that about sums it up no need to read the article. 

Comment by CORONALU

: Hey "lovthatculture" what a stupid think to say, if you have any sense at all, you would know that there are good people and bad people, in this case this brother and sister were the bad guys, the man that was killed, what was he? Was he a criminal, no, he was a hardworking man, taking care of his family , yet idiots like you would want the world to see a group of people as "all bad" and it kicker is that if you are an open minded person these things would not come out of your mind nor your mouth, especially if you look at a lot of the people that are serial killers, what race are they??

Comment by BUBBAJELLY: Asking for "polite" postings only is censorship. This country still has the first amendment. The right of free speech, you know, the one that hispanics claim to know when they spout off hate about the United States governmen

Comment by PCGUY03: I miss my uncle a lot. ... for the record to all of the bad comments out there, how would you feel if i were to talk smack of one of your relatives that has passed away ... why do people always criticize Hispanic people.....if something happens in santa ana all you people are always talking s%$#.....but if were to be in HB or any of those cities, do you see us talking smack???


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