Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Senate Kills Immigration Bill

Comment by BLUECITRUS: Let's clean this country up! Is this still the United States?

Comment by DJMUNOZ: Fleas on your dog, oops I mean Feliz Navidad.

Comment by FCPROP: This just proves the fact that we are shooting are self in the foot for generations if we continue to let Illegals drop anchor babies in this country. The anchors have no plans of doing janitorial work, wash cars, make waterdown maraaritas, or serve day old carne asada. and etc. (the jobs Americans will not do?)

Comment by ONRAGE

: Yip and holler like the bunch of lower-class Rednecks you all are over the Dream Act not passing. Nothing you ever do will change anything. There will still day-laborers and undocumented workers when your inbred children and old enough to hate Mexicans just like most of you.

If you don't like Hispanics, leave California; move to Montana.

Comment by ALTEREGO58: You don't get it. This has nothing to do with race, it is an economic sovereignty issue. Oops, maybe I am wrong. It is about race - Hispanic racism and hypocrisy. Just ask a Guatemalan illegal immigrant in Mexico.

Comment by SCBEACHGOER: Our government never has and never will care about it's own. Why should welfare illegals get to send their kids to colleges on my dime? What about my child? And then they start screaming the race card.

Comment by KSLIMINOC4: Feliz Navidad America! Our gift came one week early this year.

Comment by EVILTWIN: Their Dream, Our Nightmare.

Comment by REDS72: illegals???? We don't NEED no stinking illegals!!

Comment by VALLEYFRIEND: I'm a high school teacher, and when we do the pledge of allegiance...my Hispanic students do not pledge, they roll their eyes, smirk and giggle about the pledge of allegiance!! But, they eat the free breakfast and lunch, and throw the papers on the ground of the campus!!


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