Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by HBFOREVER: now deploy another couple hundred National Guard into Santa Ana and clean up that mess! you have to dispose of the garbage that is already here in addition to keeping more trash from coming in! 

Comment by CHENYANG: SHOOT THEM...CUFF THEM...FINE THERE FAMILIES...ILLEGALS GET OUT!!!!!! ABOUT TIME! I hope it is not just for show! Shoot them when they cross like we are when we try it in another country....shoot there #$#$#@ and teach them to thumb there flag at us in out own country!!!!!!

Comment by WHATYOUTALKKING: Good, now they just need orders to shoot on site!

Comment by SURF714: Complete the wall, and form an enforced DMZ of say 500 meters. The first 100 meters will contain electronic sensores, and a simple cattle-type fence at 100 meters with warning signs in every possible language and in Braille (to satisfy the ACLU and the LIbbies). The next 400 meters would contain landmines, if explosive landmines are too extreme for some, we can at least load the mines with some type of Sterilization chemical, to at least prevent any IL-LEGALS that do manage to get through to keep from reproducing. 


: Another sideshow for the uninformed libtard public. You can rest assured that absolutely NO AMMUNITION was issued to the Guard troops. Years ago, during the Neward riots, I was part of the reserve military they deployed. We had no ammo, but brought our own. Hopefully these troops did the same. The Mexican bad guys will cut them down if the opportunity presents itself. They know Obummer will do zero in response.

Comment by ANTAREZ: More Barb Wire and Land Mines are needed, all secure borders around the world are Militarized and have this. Illegal Mexicans don't understand anything else and will break all Laws there are to Illegally enter the US. With Land Mines you would'nt have to deport the same Losers over and over.


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