Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by STOPCRIME: Fry him and deport all of his family members. Oh deport anyone who knows him including his neighbors.

Comment by LOL12345: The more of each othe they wipe out the less we have to pay for their health care, food, etc while in prison. I love street justice and prison justice too.

Go hug a tree with the liberal comments.


: Gang members should automatically receive the death sentence...no life without parole, no sitting on death row forever. Bring back public hangings and line 'em up.

Comment by JAILEXCHANGE: We try not to 'profile' anyone, but in numerous interviews with Mexicans that are drawn to the United States for the money they can make in trafficking drugs, there is something we hear continuously. In Mexico, for many of these young men, taking the life of another human being does not have the same meaning as it does with people who are from this country. The United States has a bad rap for our high murder rate, but much of it is related to the illegal drug trade, and disproportionate to their population, much of it is from illegal Mexican nationals.

Just look at the Most Wanted list put out by the California DA's office.... all of it men wanted for Homocide. And all Hispanics.

Comment by TRUAMERIKAN: Just doing the jobs Americans don't want to do...

Comment by JUANMANSOPINION: Give him a prize...he single handedly reduced our illegal immigration population by two!

Comment by GWESTLIE: As long as he only executes rival gang members, they should do us all a favor and leave him out so he can rid the streets of several more, hell yeah.

Comment by DAN18NY: Come on people, he killed 2 gang members. Put a medal around his neck then strangle him with it.


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