Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 11 Muslim Students Charged in UCI Protest

Editor's Note: Today's post is part one of a series. . . .

Comment by GOOFBALL42: Islam is a religion of conquest, and as people all over the world ignore Islam they do so at their own peril. Muslims from the Middle East and Malaysia will try to out birth indigenous populations and those local populations will allow it because Western peoples are not having near enough children to keep our culture alive. When hat has progressed to a percentage, around 8-12 %, Islam will begin converting, enslaving or killing the rest. It's the stated cause of Islam today to rule the world, and the believers of Islam will strive to do just that.

Comment by OCGADFLI: Why are these students still permitted to attend UCI? Send them back to their native land. I have become weary of Islamic BS.

Comment by LINDA5: Islam does NOT tolerate anyone who does not believe in Islam. They want us to tolerate them, but they don't do the same. A little one-sided I'd say. Do you even know what the word "Islam" means?

Comment by 221614: Tony Rackauckas......thank you, the students need to learn a lesson. We don't want bridges (of any kind) built by muslims.

Comment by MDORTHO
: why is the audience composed of older jews? i thought this was a university event....were they ADL idiots who seek to quell any free thinking that questions our country's commitment to israel? the jews have to be careful, the rest of us are not blind or stupid....when we see politicians, media and now the DA fall over backwards to accomodate them, we know who the real enemies are*

*Special bonus anti-semitic comment!


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