Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Officials Intercept Mexican Smuggling Boat Near Dana Point

Comment by OC1143: Nice work!!!!!!! send those savages back to their own country

Comment by FUNKYMONKY: Why do they keep coming?? There's no work here....Unless you want to hire them.

Comment by CATSIPPER1

: Let it be known that they'll be shot on sight, shoot a few, and no more illegal immigration by boat. Looks like an easy way to solve this problem. That's what they do in other countries and it worksx. That why they all try to come in this country illegally. No consequences! Let's learn something people. What we're doing has not and is not working. Change is good.

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: This is becoming a daily occuring....not boat filled with illegals landing on shore but Border Patrol and Coast Guard actually stopping them. Bravo! 18 down, 20 million to go.

Comment by JILTEDINALISO: Got torpedoes?

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: We can dream jilted, we can dream.


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