Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by RESISTTHEFLOOD: A culture of trash infesting a once proud nation. It's not their fault that their genetics are comparable to roaches....That they infest, turn neighborhoods to trash, riddle the streets with crime. It's the people who uphold the law that must be held accountable.


: The creepy Latino groups are making heroes out of these parasites. They have a lot of nerve going to Washington. The Feds are doing nothing as usual...Our Schools and Colleges are only for American students and no one else. Parasites!

Comment by THOMAS09: I canceled my subscription to the Register a long time agao for their continued support of illegal invaders. 

Another comment by APACHEWARRIOR: Obama works for illegals and other countries. He should be impeached. Americans are fed up with this trash.


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