Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by WRESTLER76: So basically anyone that came over with Christopher Columbus and after him are illegals and none of there descendents have a right to be here, only native americans ... so i agree, lets start with whitey and go from there....

Comment by GETSOME0321: You should learn proper grammar before you start slinging insults around. It's blatantly obvious you're an uneducated Mexican.

Comment by JBOB1960: and where in his comments does it say that he's from Mexico....this blog is so full of bigots. 

Comment by SWEDE1942: It's long been a fact that many bring their pregnant wives across for just that purpose of citizenship for the child so the parents have an excellent chance of remaining in the U.S. Many others work on impregnating their wives here for that purpose. Unfortunately most of the children will wind up stuck in the barrios such as Santa Ana since the parents want nothing to do with America except remain here creating another little Tijuana.

Comment by THINKITOUT: Just like the untouchable caste in India. You are permanently marked as unclean at birth - no escape. Can you imagine that there are people who want to see that in America?

Comment by LIBERALSSUCK: yup I sure do. I want to see it.... in my eyes and a lot of other peoples eyes they are not citizens and I as well as many others will continue to treat them just as if they are illegal scum just like their parents

Comment by MMIKE714: If their great grandparents snuck in illegally....send them back. If people are so "proud" of their country, why don't they live there? They wave the flag...brag about what state their family came from with bumper stickers....doesn't make sense. Our prisons and schools are overflowing with children and adults whose parents committed a felony coming here. Then they want all their food, housing etc. for free. THEY KNOW EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK. 

Comment by LEFTOCBEHIND: Wow....good to know I can always come here for a bracing shot of xenophobia.


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