Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Z06RETURNS: The Yakuza is slipping on their recruiting as of late.

Comment by ERICINCM: ....lol. Ya, but at least she did the noble thing and shoot herself like a true samurai.

Comment by POSITIVEBALANCE: if they were hispanic....ohhhh man never mind...all i know same ol comments would be getting recycled here

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: Female Japanese Criminals....ladies and gentlemn you are looking at the .05%.

Comment by QUAGMIRO: No one seems to be wishing anyone death on this one? If they were Latino there would be different comments. Just goes to show you. 

Comment by NBTRIXIE: Oh Quamiro...you love to pull the race card. Are you just a one trick pony? I'm sure no one would be saying how "sad" this is had it been a couple of Hispanic males...but racist? Shut it.

Comment by ONRAGE: Deport her to Mexico. If we just enforced the laws this would have never happened.


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