Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by smog11: GREAT!! More Fudge packers!!!

Comment by Bobby Jimmy

: LOL, pillow biters.

Comment by Gina: LOL .... rug munchers.

Comment by Patriot: Oh geez when will this gay crap end?

Comment by TRUEAME: In 20 years California is gonna be full of gays, immigrants, black, and brown people. A Republicans nightmare!

Comment by Steven: As long as there is the Mormon Church that financed and waged war against gay marriage it will never pass, Im not Mormon, and I dont believe in their faith at all, but the Mormon church has more money to slap down any prop that would even think about putting gay marriage into law.

Oh btw gay people, if you want to pass this law, hide your people that campaign with french cut t-shirts, short shorts construction hats, whistles and doc martins, when I see those guys I hate you too. 


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