Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day



Mickey to Celebrate Mexican Bicentennial

Comment by RFORGY: Be a good place to arrest Illegals.

Comment by SPARKLETTS: Not renewing my annual passes this year.

Comment by KVAN123: I can't afford to feed my children so I apply for welfare, but I have plenty of money to bring my huge family to Disneyland!


: No disrespect to Hispanics but when you go to Disney would you please control your kids, (all of them). In the last ten year walking around Disney is like walking through Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart. A boat load of Hispanics with kids that are completely unsupervised. It always amazes me when I go there with the family all the tourists are well behaved. Its sad when your standing in line and some family from the midwest in front of you is commenting on how poorly behaved the Hispanic kids are, .... etc..... I guess in the long run they get a taste of what many of us go through on a daily basis.

Comment by BEACHLOVER: Great post and oh so true. I live in downtown Huntington Beach and have to clean up "their" dirty diapers off my front lawn all summer long. It really is disgusting. And when I ask them to please take them with them they suddenly don't speak English. 

Comment by RANCHOBRADO: Wow....place the word "Mexican" in the title of an article that is basically a press release and look at the comments you get. 

Comment by SOSORRYFORYOU: Why would Disneydo this? What is next Tijuana Disneyland? 

Comment by TOXICRISK: Disney jumped the shark when they started playing the ride safety messages in Spanish. This is just the next step to pander to the new majority in southern California, the illegal alien. 

Comment by SEROTEPODRIDO: they may be brown but their money is green. 


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