Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by ASHTONSMOM2009: Again....Santa Ana!!
Is this normal for these illegals to be doing this?? don't they know its not acceptable in the USA!! this guy needs to become someones bitch in jail!! see how he likes it! I sure hope that little girl gets through this! I hope they deport his a$$ and cut off his weiner!!

Comment by SHOUTOUTLOUD: I thought the city of Santa Ana supported criminal activity? My badd.

Comment by HADENOUGH2010

: here we go again the negative side of loose border enforcement. I hope he gets his in the "C" block from the other prisoners.

Comment by MRSC5INLA: Here we go again. This seems to be a cultural thing in alot of Hispanic families

Comment by VEXVIPER: Well at least this is different news other than the shootings and stabbings. He'll probably get deported and will be back.


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