Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Ex-Candidate Tan Nguyen Found Guilty of Lying

Comment by UNCLEBILL: his only mistake was not being a black panther- then he would not have been prosecuted-  si se puede!

Comment by BEE R: I hope the same prosecutor will go after the "emigrados"- who vote illegally and 'frequently' in the same election for Sanchez.

Comment by NEVER ENDING FIGHT FOR FREEDOM: rotsa ruck with that amigro

Comment by MONSTEREZ

: Now that's a funny racist line. LOL!

Comment by SAIGON: I was born and raised in Vietnam and I took offense to your comment, what do you mean by "His lying has to do with the way he was raised, it's in his blood." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Apparently this was comment was deleted by the Register]. That is totally racist and untrue, this kind of remark is unhealthy and it's not doing this country any good, please stop this kind of generalization. Thank you!

Comment by  YAMUKAH: hope they serve pho in prison


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