Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by LADYA052: Maybe they were fighting over the chimichangas???????????

Comment by WHATSHERFACE: Every monday they just run the same news report: STABBING IN SANTA ANA (insert location and time of day)

Comment by RIDETHELIGHTNING: Im not afraid of santa ana at all. I just choose not to associate myself with low lifes and sociopaths which seems to make up the majority of santa ana....Santa Ana needs its bloodline cleaned in a desperate way


omment by SOUNDOFF5

: Mariscos Hector Restaurant's specials on Sunday night: Breaded Halibut, Mahi Mahi, Broiled Scallops, and stab wounds to the upper arm.

Comment by FREAKYDEAKY: Long Juan Silvers?

Comment by TOPPZ462: how long till headless corpses and mass garves start showing up in SA, just like the do every single day in Mexico? Seriously Mexico is every bit as barbaric, killing women and children etc, as Iraq and Afghanistan!! Soon Santa Ana will be our own little slice of the Middle East!

Comment by RIDETHELIGHTNING: more of that wonderful culture. Watching gangland on tv this weekend about Atlanta, GA the officers there were saying that they did not see the problems with the latino gangs in their area until they got the bid to host the summer olympic games. Once the construction started up they started seeing huge influxes of illegals coming into the city, setting up area's that resemble Santa ana and then the gang violence started in, in those area's...Yea, I know the Liberals will call me racist for my post, but I do not care anymore.

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