Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by C5INLA: What you are seeing lately is a bunch of hit & run robberies being committed by our gang banging neighbors from Compton and Long Beach.

Comment by GWESTLIE: Illegal Aliens and Watts gang members. nuff said.

Comment by KRISSYCAT13: they're moving in!

Comment by OCBEAR: The bank appears to have bullet-proof glass. I can't believe that the bank would actually give them the money...What kind of politically correct corporate behavior is this?

Comment by SANITYNOW: Oh Ok, I was a little confused. The Buena Park robbery was Hispanics and the Fulerton Ban robberies were the black guys. Just want to get that straight. 

Just once I would like to see these guys shot on sight during these robberies.


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