Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Patriot: lil' nicky is like all illegal aliens. They lie, cheat, and steal to get into this country. Then they complain when we want them out. allred and lil' nicky brought this up just to help out moonbeam. Now that lil' nicky has been used by the dems deport her now. 

Comment by merelyashadow: Let's deport Whitman

Comment by PTVoice: If ANYONE disagrees and thinks she should be harbored and given citizenship you are a best naive and worst a traitor.

Illegal is illegal.

Comment by xocqb11

: Of course she should be deported. As so should the lying wetback thieves who stole the ipod and loose change from my car yesterday. It's really hard to NOT to hate the typical low life scummy Mexican culture and mentality.

Comment by Bryan: Wow, racist much? Dusting off your hood and robe are you?


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