Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SORTANDDEPORT: Bet they were MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by RUFUS1: Now if the PO'lice had killed either of these guys (and they should have...) we would have heard from their mommas (as opposed to "his baby's daddy") that he is good, was going to go to college and be a doctor, he didn't do "nuffin" etc....Each will go to jail for a short time and then will get out and end up killing someone or getting killed himself (hopefully, the latter...)

Comment by ONRAGE: I thought the invisible "Orange Curtain" barrier would have stopped them from entering OC.

Comment by STICKSCORNER: Not lately.

Comment by OCMAN714: Compton has no money so he had to come her to rob BP nice. Now that guy is going to join his friend and family in jail till he gets out and does it again.

Comment by PAYSTAXES1: Compton. Now there is a shock.

Comment by MTLSTED: Nice shooting Boys, you hit the front quarter panel and just behind the drivers door. Were these warning shots or is it time to go hit the range?


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