Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 11 Muslim Students Charged in UCI Protest (Pt. 2)

Comment by EVILTWIN
: Jury members, remember 9/11

Comment by TUBTHUMPER: I'm so sick of these muslims thinking their crap don't stink. Ship them all back where they came from, we don't need them here. Religion is free here and not controlled, they have to remember where they are before they start acting up.


: They are disagreeable Muslims first and not Americans this is just a taste of what they will continue to bring to us Americans and our children. Wake up and deal with them swift and quick America. They've already organized in small pockets all over the US. Ground Zero is an example of how they pour the salt in America's wounds by building a mosque on a site of one of our nation biggest tragedies.

Comment by GONDOLFO39: Kudos to the DA's office for their upcoming prosecutions of these Muslim students. I guess they feel they don't have to abide by our laws, conspire to disrupt a speech, and prevent a decent exchange of ideas. These Muslim students, if not happy with your laws, should all conspire to leave our country, and not try and change our laws. We Americans hate the Muslims for not only who they are, but their attitude to come here and change our laws, culture and attitudes. Would they allow Christians and Jews to openy practise our religion in their culture? open speech in their culture? I don't think so. It has to be their way only.

Comment by SANITYNOW: I watched the video.....................Guilty.

So much for the assimilation of Muslims in the US. LIving in OC I don't think I can coun t on one hand the amount of times I see Muslims, Iranians etc. socialising, hanging out etc. with anyone other than fellow 'persians'. Go to S. Coast Plaza. Tell me I am wrong. They are their own worst enemies. Look at the middle east. I rest my case.


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