Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by GREENLUNCH: Come 'on, this is Santa Ana;
How come she hasn't been stabbed or shot yet?

Comment by RALLYMONKEYROCKS: So this married woman was doing her sons younger friend, real classy!!!

Only in Santa Ana

Comment by HBREALIST: or Arkansas.

Comment by OCTIMES

: who paid the hospital bills for her to have another baby? They have kids with no regards to cost or consequence because we pick up the tab.

Comment by HBFOREVER: YIKES! oh well, I suppose it's better than shooting, stabbing, robbing, raping someone...'cept now there's another one...

Comment by OCNEWSGUY: if this lady was a hot blonde, my bet is the comments would much different. A year in jail should do her good. The real victims are the ladies kids, and the baby on the way.

Comment by FREELOADERS: She needs to be send back to wherever it is she came from and take her welfare kids with her! Oh, yeah, after she spends her measly yr in jail.


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