Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Partially Naked Tourist Left in Alley Behind Bar

Comment by JOECINHB: Is Akeem Jelani Johnson a Muslim name??? (outside of the Johnson part?)

You gotta love the ever loving Muslim religion!

Comment by MYRRAN: Mexican's..........

Comment by FCPROP: Not this story. However, I will bet the next story will be about an illegal or anchor baby committing a crime.

Comment by SUBISCU

: Wow, why doesn't this surprise me that a person from Santa Ana was involved in a Felony crime like this, and isn't this the 2ND time that the Godfather's Bar has been in the news of a crime that has happened there with in the last 2 months. Soon Tustin will be like Santa Ana with the gang activity and crime spree because of the over flowing crime activity that has been going on in Santa Ana for the passe 4 decades that the Santa Ana cops cant stop. Welcome to Santa Ana 2, and don't for get to bring your kids.

Comment by NATIVEFROMOC: Stop the press, I just saw a guy 5'8'' and 200 lbs. Should I call 911? Please OCR, its obvious you are covering up some type of racial description. If you aren't going to list a thorough suspect description please don't list anything at all.

Comment by SOUTHOC: The OC just keeps slipping into LA.

Comment by ONRAGE: Or, scenario #2, she got really drunk or did drugs herself, then decided to nail some black-dudes she met at a bar because she's on holiday....


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