Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Argument over Mexico Ends in Shooting

Comment by MUSLIMSSUCK: They need to unleash the border patrol, ICE, National guard and any willing citizen on this city. Do a door to door sweep and send them packing. And of them get out of line, treat them how they want to treat others.

Comment by KSLIMINOC: "Apparently they were arguing over which state in Mexico was better," Colon said.

Sounds like a very appropriate dinner discussion topic in Santa Ana.

Comment by NOMASILLEGALS: If they're so in love with Mexico, why don't they go back?

Comment by MUSLIMSSUCK: because they are in love with Mexico, but love our free handouts they get better

Comment by MUSLIMSSUCK: nothing but a bunch of simpletons. Arguing over which state in Mexico is better then shooting someone in the head. Yea, these are just the type of people America needs. Man those libtards have it right.

Comment by OUTSIDER70: The argument should have been which state is less of a hellhole.


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