Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day


Comment by LINDAV92683: Notice the double last name (Jesus Beltran Millan), that's a sure bet that he's illegal.

Comment by MINME2: Like always because this guy is Latino/Hispanic everyone is saying sh...t. How about the article where the white guy who run over a woman while driving under the influence last week. Did anyone post the same racism comments in that article?

Comment by OLDCOP: minime2, maybe it's because the papers are so full of an inordinate amount of criminal activity being perpetrated by Hispanics that they're getting fed up. Not saying it's right as every race has a criminal element. But here, it's almost a daily occurence and I'd BET that the majority have questionable legal status. 

Comment by ROMANS118: This guy's behavior and display of machismo is prevalent in any culture, not just the Latin culture. If you know any Middle Easterners or Russians, if their women were caught looking and leering at other men, you know the woman would get the daylights beaten out of her.

Comment by RANDYRW: Maybe she bought too much stuff at the 99 cents store.

Comment by 30YEARSINOC: This seems like a banner week for our Hispanic community. 

-Drunk drivers hits 9 people: Miguel Angel Sandoval
-Two teens stabbed in Santa Ana party
-Man stabs girlfriend in neck: Miguel Angel Cervantes
-Man gets 20 days for stomping pelican: Daniel Moreno
-4 year old falls out of car: Paul Ramirez

Comment by ENIGMA1996: I think what 30yearsinoc is trying to say is that Hispanics are the main cause of crimes in  O.C. Sad part is he's probably right!

Comment by DAN18NY: going out of your way to point out the crimes of city filled with poverty. You are pathetic.

Comment by SLVERDREAM: How does poverty and stomping a pelican to death go hand in hand?

Comment by OCPLAAGUE: you think the pelican was trying to steal his can of pinto beans?


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