Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Arrest Made in Fatal Mexican Argument

Comment by KSLIMINOC: Although Ivan Sanchez may have never actually been to Mexico, he is from Santa Ana and it is entirely possible that he thought he WAS living in one of those two Mexican states.

Comment by ECJBMAS: (In my best whining, sniveling voice) "But this is the only home these poor kids have ever known. We MUST bring them out of the shadows." You progressives can take that stupid comment and put it where the sun dont shine. And since we're on the OC Register, thats my big white behind.

Comment by EPRIME: Just think....this guy was in your backyard cutting your lawn or in your house looking at your wife and baby doing construction work last week. Isn't cheap labor worth it!

Comment by PROUDMESIKEN: Get over it people. This has nothing to do with race or where these people came from. We have these issues everyday and not only of the Latino race. This was just another idiot who needs to spend his life in prison! DONE!

Comment by SANTAMUERTE: but most of the stupid thing are done by....mesiken people ;)

Comment by OCIE91: Yea, it's not a race thing- I mean look at all the illegal Norwegians running around killing people, they're outta control !! duh

Comment by SOUTHOC: What race? The state says that hispanics are white. Why do you think white crime is increasing?


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