Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by WICKEDWHITE: When two candidates are running to be the next California Governor have three different debates and one of them is in Spanish then the end is near !

Comment by HEREWEGOAGAIN420: If this would have been an article by Yvette Cabrera or Cindy Carcamo it would have surely stated that the Illegal was just rushing to his second job, and has 8 kids at home that he is supporting by himself and that he struggles with being away from his family back in Mexico. And then somehow it turns it around to make it the kids fault. 

Don't deport him, he will just slither back. Drop him out of the back of a C-130 over the Pacific Ocean

Comment by EVILTWIN

: When in doubt, Ship 'Em Out.

Comment by PIMPINIT: ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!!!! Habla?

Comment by IVANGECKO: Illegal unlicensed driver hits anchor baby. Be assured as taxpayers will be paying for the surgeries.

Comment by HEREWEGOAGAIN420: the one thing I find interesting is that it is not only the US citizens that are fed up with Illegals. Look at the UK, Francy and now Germany. Those three countries are starting to turn up the heat. Article this morning says that Germany is having an issue with it because it is upsetting the demographics in their country. That is where we should be real upset about is that our demographics are being shaped into a mini Mexico and anytime a politician starts pandering to one race over another lets you know that there is something wrong.

Comment by DAVIDSTHUBBINS: Anyone who subscribes to The Register is financing their own demise. This paper constantly cheerleads for illegal aliens. It is always trying to explain away the crime wave we are under as being no big deal. 

Comment by ECJBMAS: SoCAl, aka Northern Mexico. This state has absolutely one future: THAT OF A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY

Comment by STOPCRIME: Run him over first before deportation. Make sure both his legs are broke so he can't cross the border again. Deport all his family members too.


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