Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Police Investigating Gang-Related Shooting

Comment by PABLOAMIGOUSA: This incident is another embarassment to me and the Mexican people!

Comment by DAN18NY: Give it a rest amigo. An embarrassment to human kind is more like it. Is the shooter in Arizona an embarrassment to white people? no....Race or ethnicity had nothing to do with it.

Comment by KSLIMINOC4: This happened in Santa Ana? Wow, what a surprise.

How many Shootings/Stabbings so far this year?

Comment by MY02CENTS

: At least four shootings this week. The sanctuary city is a war zone. Time to wise up Santa Ana.

Comment by GETALIFEYOU: Finally a torso shot...Sounds like someone has been taking target practice.

Comment by JOLAND7: Santa Ana is a crap hole and has been for years. The city council needs to realize this and take steps to correct it instead of simply pandering to the illegal alien community.

Comment by QUAGMIRO: Where does it read illegal alien? You should worry about the whites boys going crazy and going on rampages. Killing innocent people.


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