Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Free Wheeling Franklin: Put her in a veil and harem pants and stick her in It's a Small World.

Comment by gimmeabreak: Why is the model illustrated wearing a smile? I don't believe I've ever seen a muslim woman smile.............no, I'msure I haven't.

Comment by dan: I'm surprised obama hasn't given her a job
Comment by kevin: She should go back to her country, speak out & make demands. She wouldn't like the out come would she.

Comment by IcedAmericano: I think this is her country. The story says she's a citizen.

Comment by John3: Go back to Islamabad.

Comment by Susan: Having been marriend to a Muslim man. I am far from discriminatory. I agree, they have been over backwards for her. Just anothe sue happy attention seeking person. This is America. When I was in your country, i couldn't wear my bikini or even touch my husband in public, or I would be arrested. We already cater to much to our immigrants! GO BACK HOME IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT.

Comment by JustSayin': Susan--I'm sure I'm speaking for many on here when I ask you.....Why in the he!! would you EVER consider marrying a Muslim man???? Are you insane or just into S&M?? I do hope you gained your sanity and dumped him!

Comment by Just the facts: Muslim women are little more than property. Welcome to the eighth century. 

Comment by chenyang: What should she do????? get the hell out of our American Country and go back to Iran or some other muslim place ,don't push your $#$#@#$ here in Our Christian, Free enterprise Nation or your mosque....This is not a religion by the way, it's considered a CULT!

Comment by Diane: Hitler was a pussy cat compared to this Muslim movement to take over the world. People, wake up, this is your country, stop this insanity.

Comment by surfcityred: I think she should quit her job and go do missionary work a a visiting Muslim in Somalia. She can share her sad, sad Disney story with Muslim people that have little food, no housing, no future and no dirt bag lawyers to file suits for them. I am sure they will all feel sorry for her. Then, they will stone her to death. End of story. 


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