Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SURFCITYRED: California is broken and we need to rid ourselves of this human trash. It's a cultural thing. If a baby dies, they'll just make more. 

I often see the illegal families on parade walking down a busy street with kids unsupervised. They could easily run into traffic. The parents could care less. It's a third world attitude. He and his loser wife should be dealt with severely but that won't happen in Commiefornia. 

Comment by HADENOUGH2010

: third-world mentality in a first class country. Of course the


failed to clarify if this loser was here illegally. My guess is that he is an illegal alien and we as tax payers are now forced with burden of raising these two poor kids. Hopefully they find him unconscious in C block and poetic justice is served up.

Comment by UNCLEBILL: Si se puede!

Comment by IHATESOCIETY: He voted for Loretta Sanchez

Comment by NBOC949: Get over it! The guy is Hispanic, is he not (sorry not into PC B.S.) I don't care what you say, there is more of this going on in Santa RatsANa daily, then one would like to know about (or turn your head too, like some here), who are the population that live in Santa Ana, Hispanics! Hello! Do all Hispanic do this- Heck NOOOOOO. Sadly all colors. So don't turn this into a race thing, it's a FACT that the guy is Hispanic!

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: A shame....a pathetic excuse for a father. After reading this story I complete forgot about using this forum to make a loretta sanchez joke.

Comment by SUPERROOSTER: Brown Pride

Comment by JUSTINTYME: Jobs Americans won't do. 


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