Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by LIBERALSSUCK: what about those hate crimes against caucasians. Those happen as well. Oh wait if you white you are deserving of a beat down apparently.

Comment by SAILBUM: I am sick of every time there is a crime involving a white and a minority it gets branded as a hate crime. Most of the time it has nothing to do with race, but thanks to the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackson's of the world, it is always labeled as a hate crime. Of course I can not remember ever hearing of a minority being charged with a hate crime enhancement for a racially motivated attack on a white, even though it occurs frequently. There is most definitely a double standard.


: I am a white guy. I was walking past a black guy who called me a "cracker." I just looked at him and figured he was an idiot and kept walking. Come to think of it now that was a hate crime. Should I report that?

Comment by RUFUS1: Here is a stat that is overlooked- in 2001, Muslims committed over 3000 hate crime murders in this country alone. 

Comment by SEMPERFIDDY: Push u definetly should report it bro - we need to show the world that white ppl are discriminated against just like others and the injustices we gotta deal with day and day out. Enough is enough! The OC hotbed of white racism has got to end and the OC register should take the lead on reporting on incidents that PUSHTHEBUTTON suffered and that many other white people suffer on a daily basis.

Comment by PUNISHER14: I hate hate. Islam is a religion of hate.

Comment by LAWFUL: world peace can only be achieved when islam is gone.

Comment by COSMICPICKLE: Hate crime against Latino's down? I would surmise that any individual sick enough in the head to intentionally hurt another human has come to understand the Latino's are doing more damage to eachother than any outsider ever could. Santa Ana is a very good example. They have their big independence celebration and come together and then when it's over start robbing and shooting eachother on Monday.

Comment by BREATHLESS: Does the Register really think that people in Orange County care what happens to minorities? 


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