Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Woman Arrested for Stealing Holiday Packages

Comment by DOSOMETHINGNOW: Oh wait only hispanics commit these crimes! According to all the people post her. Hmm guess not!

Comment by TOMMYCONCARNE: If this had been a mexican woman we would have seen 15 pages of comments, but a white woman illicits a yawn from its readers.

Comment by DONTASKME: She likes like she has some brown in her, don't be fooled.

Comment by COSMICPICKLE: You guys are hilarious! Of course this doesn't happen in Santa Ana, packages aren't delivered there. If they are it's some super low quality knife block or gallon of bleach.

Comment by 3LLIOT: She's part Hispanic

Comment by WADELONGBEACH: Whats with all the stupid ethnic chatter? Her name is Kathy, Yes she is hispanic! She is a half breed. Her dad is from Columbia South America. Thank God and the local Police Department for putting a stop to her while she gets strung out on her drugs. Geeeeeez that a hispanic for ya! At least half anyway. LOL

Comment by HHMMMMMNOW: Kathleen, Not Katalina, and last I recall, Melanie wasn't a hispanic name, but hey, the times they are a changin.....

I do agree with a few of you, Trash doesn't discriminate....Wade do you know her? You seem to know her dad is from Columbia, that in itself would make her latin, not hispanic...and both of those are from a straight Mexican, which is I am sure what most of you are shooting towards....but trust me I've seen enough asian and middle eastern border jumpers in the last decade so these stereotypes have to be adjusted....


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