Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 15 Displaced After House Fire

Comment by THISISGONNAHURT: let the Mexi-bashing commence!

Comment by INSIDETHEOC: wow 15 people in one house??

Comment by ASIANREPUBLICAN: Someone tried to warn them to get out by ringing the doorbell, but since the doorbell was rigged to play 'Lowrider'-they just thought it was someone flushing the toilet

Comment by KARYN09

: 15 people in one house? In Santa Ana? Going back & forth from the kitchen with CUPS of water? How about a bucket?

Comment by SCHULTZIE: Sounds like a clown house.

Comment by YOURWRONGAGAIN: Hey asian republican stick to math and boiling noodles...your no comedian..15 people are going to have to find a place to live during the holidays..legal or illegal regardless...

Comment by ASIANREPUBLICAN: Actually in all fairness I was trying to be funny with my previous post but in actuality people are still left homeless by this incident and therefore I'm sorry.

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