Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Pregnant Woman Robbed at Gunpoint

Comment by MRC011976: Destroying what our father worked so hard to build, one city at a time. When will we stand up and take matters into our own hands? You want to come to the US and treat our citizens like this? There is a price to pay. Certainly our pathetic government will not do anything about it. However, it is a matter of time until citizens begin to show this kind of scum ho we do thing around here when you put us and our loved ones in harm's way. After all, most of you do not even belong in this country. Great job of protecting your citizens USA. Total joke!

Comment by OCTITAN05: These short hispanic punks are such cowards!! Robbing a pregnant woman, I mean come on!! Stay in Santa Ana losers!! I am glad that she wasn't hurt.

Comment by PRESS1

: No where in this article does it say he is illegal its your assumptions that make you all look ignorant....your mothers should have taught yall some manners! And as for this lady its so very sad that this happened to her and I hope he is found and punished!

Comment by GWESTLIE: PRESS1, you highly doubt that many mexicans are illegal huh? You gotta be kidding me. You need to come out from behind Momma's skirt pal and take a little walk down the sanctuary city of Santa Ana streets for starters. That's the only thing in that city, illegals and anchors, gangbangers and criminals and the few that are not are all the politically correct far leftie Libs that love them. Get a clue and WAKE UP.

Oh, and BTW PRESS1, is that PRESS1 for Spanish?

Comment by VINNYC: If they will rape a pregant woman, they sure have nothing to stop them from robbing them. These are mostly South of the border uncivilized animals. She was lucky this time.


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