Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Jewish Player Sues Anaheim Ducks, Saying He Was Mistreated

Comment by BARRYBADRINATH69: So the final solution was to sue?

Comment by BOWHUNTERDAN: Should have converted to Islam--then the president would have had to intervene.

Comment by 19ECV64: All he cares about is money.

Comment by THEEMAN

: Wonder what he would've thought had he been traded to the Palookaville Porkeaters.

Comment by CROWNAV: Hmmmm....the owners of the Ducks are Jewish. Who do you think will have better legal counsel?

Comment by EMHERNANDEZ08: Quacking against a Jew ain't right. I hope he gets what he wants. Score one for him!

Comment by OCARTS: "The head coach degraded Bailey's faith and frequently commented about Jews as ones who 'only care about money and who's who,' the complaint goes on to say."

And Jason Baily is putting these stereotypes to rest by suing for big $$$. haha!

Comment by JILEDINALISO: They love to cry victim.


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