Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Lawsuit: Officer Shot Man in Back of Head

Comment by C5INLA: We all know this is bull.....Another family of losers that isn't getting enough public assistance to buy that Escalade with the 27 inchers to park in front of their apartment....I mean converted garage.

Comment by ENIGMA1996: Right before I clicked on the link to the story, I knew this would be in Santa Ana.

Comment by 30YEARSINOC

: Here we go again. The scum in SA doing their thing.

Comment by RUFUS1: Your average Santa Ana patrol officer has about 10 opportunists to shoot someone every night if he/she had a mind to do so. I can't believe the restraint that they show. Rarely are any of the beasts that roam the streets ever shot by the police...perhaps this will be a new trend for the better...

Comment by SUNNY949: Seriously the world is changing, our sympathy for those that come here, abuse our systems, take our jobs, rape our family members, run us down in crosswalks and drive off because they are not licensed, legal or insured is over. Our economy, state and general well-being is threatened by a group of savages legal or otherwise who procreate and pass on their third wolrd traits to their offspring.


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