Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Minority Says He Was Passed Over by OC GOP

Comment by DISCO: Racism is alive and well, young white students can be denied scholarships by McDonald's Latino program or the United Negro College Fund (UNCF); but of course that's just PC and not in any way discriminatory. Perhaps we should force affirmative action on the parties so majorities don't crowd out other groups at "integrated" places like UCI.

Comment by MORIOR INVICTUS: Gee, that's something new. A man claiming he was denied something becuase he's black. Never heard that whine before. Couldn't be that he was not qualified for the job. As for you bed wetting liberals who constantly use the race card---the Republican party has done more for race relations than the Democrat party. This is historical fact. If black folks were honest with themselves, they would check the facts and switch parties. The Democrat is a party of empty results made with emotional promises.

Comment by JP: OC: WHAAAATTTTT??????? Just cuz I dropped out of the 3rd grade, I'm still a minority. I'm ENTITLED TO THAT POSITION!!! YOU GUYS ARE ALL RACISTS!!!!!

Oh. Ya' got a time machine? How does I open it?

Comment by CA TEA PARTY: Here they go again ... throwing out the RACE CARD

Comment by HECTOR: Stop the whining. Why does it always have to be "the African American this" or the first "Hispanic that." Get over it, Mr. Myers--maybe, just maybe, your "strong conservative black voice" didn't make you the most qualified. If Caucasians complained they would be called racists. Other minorities complain about being overlooked for employment and it's a tragedy.

Comment by GEOBUSH: the white man keepin' him down

Comment by AMERICAN: I wonder if the white guys that got passed over have an article in the paper dedicated to them and their whining.

Comment by JOEY: The man is constantly and repeatedly bringing the black man down with no regards for the publics and all the people of the land! LMAO

Comment by WHAS UP?: I am the minority because i am a mixed breed. When there is a problem all the whites gather together with whites, all the blacks with blacks and the asians with asians arabs with the arabs and so on. Guess what happens after this i am left standing by myself because i am a mixed breed and nobody wants to claim me.

Yo' your all racist and your picking on me yo'

All of you are trying to keep me down because your afraid i might make you look bad.

Thats right i am the best

Comment by ADOLPHH: The beauty of America is: Don't like how you are treated go back to Kenya nobody is forcing you to stay


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