Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by CADRE77: Go figure, another shooting in little mexico.

Comment by TOMNORANGE: Let's just put a fence around Santa Ana. They're shooting each other at a CHURCH!

Penal Colony, Channel Islands

Comment by SCAFI53: Looks like Tijuana !!!!!!

Comment by TOMCAT777

: there are more Mexicans in Santa Ana than there are in Mexico City and Tijuana combined

Comment by MTSTOCKTON: Fence them in and give them guns. Then there will be less money spent on schools and teachers.

Comment by ILOVEOC: Time to fence off the city, only allow legal citizens to escape, then level it.

Comment by HADENOUGH2010: sanctuary city! Viva la Santa Ana! Great place to live and die and drain the counties reserves for services rendered!

Comment by TOMCAT777: you got to love the Mafia known as the Catholic Church and there lovely members mostly of Spanish dissent

Comment by MROONEYOC: Descent, genius. If you're going to ignorantly advertise apparent prejudice against an entire race, you can at least show you have a morsel of intelligence in doing so by using the proper words. 


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