Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SPYDEE0815: They're going to get black eyes in their brown eyes.

Comment by BLUECITRUS: They always look the part don't they.

Comment by SWABBIE: Couple a big ol bucks. Bout as sharp as an orange.
Comment by MAJIK2399

: Was that a picture of him BEFORE or AFTER he dropped 100lbs? Anyway, he reminds me of the movies "Congo" and "Mighty Joe Young".

Comment by FRIJOLES4U: so much hate....wife leave you for a brotha?

Comment by DPREACHER: This IS a racist comment and goes to far. Please remove.

Comment by MAJIK2399: Since when did saying somebody looking like a character in movies consider racism??? Oh, I was never married to begin with...."brother."

Comment by FREAKYDEAKY: Well, well! Isn't he "Precious"?! No more FatBurger for you!!

Comment by GLOCKSHOOTER: Hey Hey Hey, Fat Albert is my new cellie :(. I guess there won't be many candy bars left unattended on the prison floor. 


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