Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Surf Shop Apologizes for MLK Day Ad

Comment by SUPERROOSTER: WHAT? Ha, another weak white person appologizing for being white.

Comment by OCNEWSGUY: Racist...Racist...Racist....Racist....Racist......


Comment by SSHOEE: TO those who are complaining or find this ad offensive: it says RESPECT. Not lynch, or abuse, or enslave.

Get over it. What's the big deal??


: the race card can only be thrown by one race and they tend to use it quite often. The rule is htough, that the card cannot be turned on them.

Comment by FLAMINGCARROT: So can I still get a wetsuit for 20% off?

Comment by BEACHLOVER: Only if it's African American.

Comment by JEFFCALI: unfking believable....these colord's or what ever the name "they" like to be called these days complain about the most stupid stuff. it's only cool when "they" do it right?

people need to get over themselvees and stop getting so offended over medial stuff such as this.
it's like most of those idiots at the golden globves...think they're the best people in the world and dammn you if you try to make a joke about them.

boo hoo...go back to the mother continent then if you can handle it here.

Comment by SANTAMUERTE: this is funny...black power is okay....but when a white person say..white power...its racist....i just don't get it...can a viet-Namese name their child "Charley"?

no bueno?


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