Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by JDYBARRA: Why can't they DREAM in Mexico? 

Comment by SURFCITYRED: Great!! Have ICE show up and toss a big net over their ungrateful a$$es. Cinch up the net, toss their illegal butts on a bus and dump them back in Mexico. Then, they can use all that energy regarding unfair practices to reform the crooked Mexican government. I have "DREAM" that ICE will "Act."

Comment by EVILTWIN

: Their dream, our nightmare! End the Bloodsucking NOW!

Comment by STOPCRIME: Huhhm, another protest from the WET team.

Comment by WOSOMO: there you have it, a country, the USA, with a army, that fills it's ranks with illegal aliens, I don't know if that's most ridicules thing I ever heard, or a brilliant command decision.

Comment by FORTKNOX: After your protest, go hop on the INS bus and leave!

Comment by FORTHEIDIOTS: YEAH maybe you should just go around and blaming the president for all your problems, isn't that the American way?

Comment by ANTAREZ: Maybe they should go on a hunger strike and starve to death, then we won't have to hear these ingrates complain anymore. 

Comment by OCTITAN05: Not surprising that this vigil is in Santa Ana....drove through there the other day and thought I was in Mexico. I would go down there and protest against them, but being in Santa Ana I would be concerned with my safety. 

Comment by BOZOBREATH1: Sasscer Park huh? Now I know where to go to get some cheap labor to help with my painting and gardening.


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