Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man Arrested After Crashing Stolen Pickup During Pursuit

Comment by BEACHLOVER: And there it is, my daily dose of low life drama in Santa Ana

Comment by SOUNDOFF5: Nice to read a story in Santa Ana with no stabbings or shootings, things are looking up!

Comment by ONRAGE: Another illegal arrested in the sanctuary city of Santa Ana

Comment by TELLDTRUTH: Hey dum-- As- read his name.....this happened in SA but this loser is a wonder bread type

Comment by ALLIDAP92802: Meth, it's a he!! of a drug. What a fine specimen of a human being!!! And, this is so funny, he's white!

Comment by ASKING4T2RB: Buck teeth and tats! What the hell is a white boy doing in Santa Ana? Which turnip truck did he steal? My Gosh, he is a Jerry Springer guest.


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