Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by DUALITY: Poor Poor Santa Ana. It is such a shame what has happened to you. One day you will become that beautiful city that you once were. The city that people enjoyed visiting. The city that people were not afraid to walk down the streets unarmed.

Santa Ana needs some good ole American culture instilled back into the city.

Comment by BEACHLOVER: In order to put good old American culture back in Santa Ana you would need American's living there!

Comment by JETMEC1

: Early Christmas shopping gone wrong...Santa Ana....go figure....

Comment by JOHNSC: Let me guess, deportation time after the lock-up.

Comment by MRSC5INLA: If only......

Comment by TENDEUCE: BLAME LORETTA!! It's her culture!

Comment by DEVILDOG: Illegal Alien!!!!! or Anchor Baby suspect..take your pick!!!

Comment by TENDEUCE: both


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