Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 'Prophet' Returns to Lake Forest

Comment by ONRAGE: What? LFPD didn't dump this guy in Santa Ana?

Comment by HAIRYARMPITS: By day he's that black cop driving aimlessly around Santa Marguerite in a black and white wearing a 3 stooges baseball cap looking for white women and by night he's the fecal Prophet of south county!

Comment by JERONIMOS: The people of flake forest should probably chip in for another one-way to Mississippi for this character.
Comment by RJFINOC: Didn't know it was a crime to be big and black in OC.

Comment by JILTEDINALISO: It's not.

There is however a black family panhandling off of Pacific Park and Heather Ridge on a daily basis. The kids sit in chairs and read during the day. I'l be this man makes more money than most OC people because stupid naive people hand their money to him.

Comment by UTD1719: Welcome home Mr. Prophet. Just keep yourself out of Lake Forest. I think you should go to Newport Beach where you'll be assuredly welcome.


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