Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SUPPORTSB1070: hmmm whom would have known that the description would be as it is. I hope the police do not look for a heavy set HISPANIC man. That would be profiling.

Comment by CITIZENSOLDIER: Yeah..go back to Spain you hispanic guy...wait that's in Europe! Deport all except pure blooded Aztec's or Mayans...

Comment by SUPPORTSB1070

: seems those Canadians are getting out of control in Santa ana again. Man these Canadian Sanctuary cities are nothing but trouble. Nothing like a mini Toronto

Comment by GRUNT41: Press 1 for English: "People of Santa Ana, the neck is not a free jewelry store. You can go to prison." Por Espanol, marque nueve: "La gente de Santa Ana, la garganta no es una joyeria gratis. Es posible for Usted ir a la pinta."

Comment by PUSHTHEBUTTON: Maybe he needed money to feed his children or needed beer and could not find work at the Home Depot. Give this poor guy a break.

Comment by BELOLO: As soon as I read "Necklace yanked from woman's neck" I knew it had to be Santa Ana. 


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