Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Ghost of Mao: Doesn't Disney have a ride or attraction called "Alladin"? Maybe Disney can accommodate her by placing her in that attraction as one of Ali Babba and the 40 Thieves.

Comment by No Moonbeams: Wanna bet her restaurant is missing a table cloth or two?

Comment by Nathan: its her hijab now but what's next. Her suicide vest

Comment by kk5

: or we could use Muslim punishment so that she feels more comfortable. You know, where you get buried up to your neck and then have stones thrown at you until you duie. Or have your hands cut off. Give her a taste of exactly what she wants.

Comment by DAG: Europe has a big problem with the muslims. People in this country are starting to get sick of them too. There is no compromise with Islam. There number one goal is to dominate the world, and kill non-Muslims. Now people can understand what Israeli's have to go through on a daily basis. 

Comment by Matt: She's kind of hot really. Is it anti-Muslim to say that? I think it's Pro-Muslim. I'm all for Muslim ladies to walk around with these head contraptions on! This way I can easily spot them....So I can whistle and cat call at how incredibly gorgeous it makes them look.

Comment by Suli: Obama's a muslim. The whole world knows it. What do you expect the radical muslims to do when they think that the US president shares their views, or is at least sympathetic? They will continue to prod and provoke at landmarks of Western civilization and culture. 

Comment by Nathan: Disney has made two attempts to work with her and both were not good enough. No the only thing that will be good enough for this low life bitch is if she gets to shove her piece of crap, no good, terrorist filled religion down our throats

Editor's Note: If you like a little n-word invective mixed in with your Islamophobia, come vist the comment section of Matt Coker's recent story on the hijab/hat controversy. Yeeee-haw!


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