Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man Shot During Confrontation With Robbers

Comment by KSLIMINOC4: At least it wasn't another stabbing.

Comment by RALLYMONKEYROCKS: Nuke SANTA ANA! Turn it into a sandpit.

Comment by RUFUS1

: Reason number 134 to carry a gun - especially in the cesspool known as Santa Ana.

Comment by TOMCAT777: ICE could show up tomorrow at the corner of MacArthur and Bristol and arrest just about every one standing around waiting for the scum contractor to hire them I'm down there every morning taking pictures of the contractors and there license plates and sending then to the IRS and ICE and so far nothing has been done to stop this pricks from hiring none US citizens.

Comment by PAYSTAXES1: Did they advise him it was a robbery in english or spanish?

Comment by WHATEVERTOM: Why aren't descriptions of the robbers made available? Is it because they ar hispanic and that would portray a bad light on hispanic?

Comment by RUFUS1: Of course, we know that the Register covers for the Hispanics involved in crime in Santa Ana and elsewhere. Besides, Santa Ana is virtually all Hispanic and so all the crime is naturally committed by the "they all came here to work" crowd. Just like back in the Mother of all cesspools, Mexico.


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